Skull and Bones Gifts, Clothes, Accessories

You thought real pirates are long gone? No, we’re still around – more than ever, in fact. And we’re ready to help you out.

Throughout the ages we’ve collected so much bounty, that it doesn’t fit in our remote and hidden deserted islands. So finally we’ve decided to share them with you. Every day we bring you something new from our hidden lairs and offer them to you. From the most stylish skull sweaters, sugar skull hoodies and happy skull t-shirts to the prettiest skeleton accessories. But all these goodies have one thing in common. They’re all branded with an ancient pirate brand – a skull and crossed bones. If you’re in search for anything – a gift for a friend, leisure clothing, or accessories fit for everyday use and which would make you stand out from a crowd of stars at a royal wedding – our pirates have got you covered!


Pirate code of honor is known throughout the world – it won’t let us break a single promise. All of our goods are of excellent quality, made from mostly ecological materials with regards to the environment. Our fast corvettes will deliver your ordered items to you anywhere on Earth. All it takes is a few clicks on a mouse and you could join the ranks of our mighty armada.

Have courage – join the army of the skull and bones.

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May the Happy Skull Things be with you!

Your Jedi Skull.