Ice Hockey Stick Tape with Skull and Bones

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The most original gift for a young ice hockey player. Surprise your friend, father or child with this high quality Skull and Bones tape for hockey stick. This high quality patterned tape giving you the confidence to make that long breakaway pass. Pirate patterned stick tape can be used for taping grips, blades, handles and equipment.



Ice Hockey Stick Tape with Skull and Bones, Pirate patern. Be a legendary ice hockey bone crusher 🙂

  • Brand Name: WILD FRUIT
  • Model Number: 1Pc 1″ x 25 Yards Hockey Stick Tape

Try it out and you’ll see that Ice will be on fire. The shots will be so strong that will break any ice. Self-confidence, victories, targeted shots, effective assists this is the key to glory.

Skull patterned Hockey tape

So you think you’re a true team leader? Prove it, destroy psychologically your enemies! Tape up with our Skull and Bones ice hockey tape and show your strength. Pirate patterned stick tape can be used for taping grips, blades, handles and equipment.

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